Hand Protection

Hand Protection - Equipment designed to provide protection to the hands during exposures to potential hazards such as sharp objects, abrasive surfaces, temperature extremes and chemical contact. Hand protection is selected based upon the hazard and performance characteristics of the gloves.

Selecting the proper gloves is very important since it is our hands that are often used to handle hazardous materials. These materials usually consist of caustic or toxic chemicals, biological substances, electrical sources, or extremely cold or hot objects that may irritate or burn your hands. In addition, traumatic injuries such as cuts, sprains and punctures may also occur. With the wide range of hazards, there also exists a wide range of gloves that may be used as PPE. It is important to know that not all gloves are protective against all chemicals.



Leather Gloves Full Palm


Leather Gloves Patch Palm

Leather Gloves Double Palm

1  29  30


Welder Gloves


 Latex Coated Gloves

Nitrile Coated Gloves

21  latex1  31


PU Coated Gloves


 Anti-Cut Gloves

PVC Gloves

 32 anticut 28


House Hold/Catering Gloves


 Knitted Gloves PVC Polka Dotted Gloves
27 18 pvcpolka


Hotmill Gloves


Anti-Impact Gloves Fire Fighting Gloves
hotmill 9  34


Silicon Coated Fiberglass Gloves


 Aluminized Gloves Nitrile Gloves
a1 a1 1


 Vinyl Gloves


Latex Gloves  
1 1