Foot Protection

Foot Protection - Equipment designed to provide protection to the feet and toes during exposure to situations with the potential for foot injuries such as falling or rolling objects, chemical or liquid exposures, piercing objects through the sole or uppers, and/or where the employee's feet are exposed to electrical hazards.

Injuries that may occur when the proper footwear is not worn are chemical and heat burns from spills and splashes of acids and caustics, compression injuries, electrical shocks, and slipping. Wearing the proper footwear is therefore, very important when working in areas where physical and chemical hazards are present. Close-toed, heeled shoes must always be worn in areas where chemicals are present.



Low Cut Safety Shoe With Lace


 Ankle-Cut Safety Shoe With Lace

Low-Cut Safety Shoe Slip-On

lowcut  anklecut slipon


High-Cut Rigger Boots


Goodyear Shoe

Safety Wellington Boots

rigger-boot  goodyear wellingshoe


Nurse Shoe


 Kitchen Shoe

Executive Shoe

nurse kitchen executiveshoe


Military Boots


Security and Police Boot  Aluminized Shoe
Military Boots police  5


Fire Fighter Boots